Common Frog Rana temporaria
Vertebrates: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians & Fish

The vertebrate fauna of the islands is small, but includes some important elements, particularly the aquatic species.

The bird populations, resident and migratory, are important and well recorded. All bird records received by OHBR are forwarded to the Outer Hebrides Bird Group.If you are interested in birds, the Outer Hebrides Birds website provides information on the latest sightings and an on-line shop where you can purchase bird reports.


Lygocoris pabulinus

The invertebrates, with the exception of certain groups of insects, are seriously under-recorded in the islands and OHBR are trying to increase the list of recorded species and improve the data on their distribution. Particular emphasis is placed on recording priority conservation species, but all invertebrate records are important.

The Outer Hebrides Lepidoptera website includes photographs of over 300 species of moth and butterflies, but does not include distribution maps.


The Outer Hebrides Fauna website covers all the vertebrate species and some of the invertebrate species recorded in the islands. It includes distribution maps and an extensive bibliography. This is the most advanced of the species website in the hub and more species will be added to increase the coverage of the invertebrate taxa.