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Fungi are on the priority groups for OHBR as they have not been widely recorded in the past. The database includes records of macro-fungi (mushrooms, toadstools, brackets) and micro-fungi (mildew, moulds, rusts, smuts). Over 400 species are illustrated on the Outer Hebrides Fungi website, which includes photographs of microscopic characters but not distribution maps.



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Lichens & Slime Moulds

Lichens are a compound organism composed of a fungus with an alga and sometimes a cyanobacterium but are included in the same kingdom as the fungi. They are priority recording group for OHBR and work will begin on a website for the species hub later this year.

The slime moulds belong to the phylum Myxomycota, which is part of the fourth kingdom Protista. They have been included in this section for convenience. They are difficult to identify and we currently have very few records.