Giant Hogweed


Giant Hogweed, Heraculeum mantegazzianum, was introduced as an ornamental plant in the late 19th century. The seeds are spread by wind and in water courses.

It is common across much of the UK but has not yet been recorded in the Outer Hebrides. It has been found in the west of Scotland, and apart from Shetland, there are no records for the other Scottish islands. However, vigilance is required to ensure that it does not become naturalised in the Hebrides.

Contact with any part of this plant must be avoided as even minute amounts of sap can cause blistering of the skin following exposure to sunlight

Information and Identification Sheets:

Giant Hogweed

SNH Species Action Framework: Invasive non-native plants associated
with fresh waters. A Guide to their identification


Giant Hogweed

UK Distribution Map

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