Outer Hebrides Biological Recording  Outer Hebrides Biological Recording

Find a Grid Reference Outer Hebrides

OpenSpace, provided by the Ordnance Survey, is one of the best on-line resources for obtaining a grid reference directly from a map

  • Use the controls on the left of the map or your mouse to zoom to required location
  • Use the mouse to point to the required position
  • Without moving the mouse, record the top two lines of co-ordinates in the black box at top right of the map (i.e. EAST and NORTH)

This is a digital map reference, to convert it to the standard OS grid reference with a 2 letter prefix enter the values for the East and North co-ordinates in the table below and press "Get OSGR".
If the value for the EAST co-ordinate is only 5 digits you must add a zero prefix
e.g. 65550 becomes 065550

EAST coordinates: NORTH coordinates:

Resolution Grid reference
100km square (not acceptable for formal records)  
100m (usual preferred resolution)  
10m (should be used only for static organisms)  
1m (should be used only for static organisms)